We are a big sound from beyond the far..

The Eccentric Showman, Spencer “Deadfoot” Westphalen, pairing a voice that is warm, colorful, and compelling alongside a drumming spirit of razzmatazz- Westphalen proves that frontmen aren’t solely reserved for the front.

The Mystic Sorcerer, Michael “Midnight” Miller, conjures intricate solos and phrasings on top of a one-of-a-kind style of comping that is truly unique and otherworldly, asserting that magic really does exist. 

The Steely Admiral, Colby “Juju” Johnson, through years of training, Johnson has cultivated a level of technicality, intention, and speed that when experienced live, his fingers strike the strings of the guitar as if they were 4 anvils striking 6 rows of railroad tracks.

The Tenacious Architect and the newest member of Mangosteen, Alex Rideout, lays a bass thicker than clay and stronger than diamonds, which cuts through to every inflection in his playing. 

Cultivated from the heart of United States in Columbia, members of Mangosteen met in the University of Missouri jazz combos in the fall of 2013. Over the next three years they would play clubs in Columbia until the summer of 2016 when they decided to pursue an original sound they could call their own. Each member bringing their own flavor of funk, rock, soul, blues, and jazz- they have embarked on a dazzling mission to spread their sound to the world and stars beyond. 

Together the four can look at jazz, rock, and funk in under a new lens that is laced with catchy pop hooks, smooth soulful lines, and sink deep into the veins of rock n roll that makes for an unforgettable live performance. 

Mangosteen has been proud to support notable artists such as Saint Motel, MUNA, Brother Moses, Illphonics, Josh Hoyer & The Soul Colossal, Hazard to Ya Booty, Al Holiday & The East Side Rhythm Band, and Stone Sugar Shakedown.

Band Members:

Spencer "Deadfoot" Westphalen - Drums & Vocals
Colby "Peppajack" Johnson - Guitar
Alex Rideout - Bass

Michael "Midnight" Milloir - Piano/Keyboard

Previous Band Members:

Grant Flakne - Bass - Backing Vocals